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Sleeping Beauty: The Awakening presented in January 2008

As with past productions, Lori Ann Sparks has a knack for creating choreography showcasing the dancers' strengths which allows all in the production to shine. In the section where the female court dancers were lifted into the air repeatedly, like popcorn popping, the strength of the male dancers was displayed providing an enjoyable visual image. The character roles in this ballet require a strong amount of acting skills‹The lighting design set the mood for the production. It was great to see the use of a theatrical scrim to divide scenes and settings. Also exciting was the use of special effects such as flash paper, fog, and stage flying‹Central Ballet Theatre has shown over the past few years to be a shining star of Greeneville, presenting original works that inspire the spirit. With such a dedicated group of dancers and volunteers, the company will continue to prosper. The arts are alive in Greeneville and will persist in enhancing the community.

Morgan Fleming Dancer, Arts Enthusiast & Data Coordinator for the Knoxville Symphony

The Story of Esther  presented in January 2007

Working with such a large cast of performers with varying levels of experience, Sparks made sure to showcase the dancers' strengths. It was also enjoyable to watch the partnering work that often young dancers do not get a chance to experience outside of larger cities‹It was great to see so many individuals from throughout the region come together to make this happen. Only the future knows what these efforts will create next. If Saturday night is any indication, any other shows by Central Ballet Theatre will continue to shine bright in Greeneville. 

Morgan Fleming Dancer, Arts Enthusiast & Data Coordinator for the Knoxville Symphony

A Time to Dance  presented in March 2006

Congratulations are in order to Lori Ann Sparks and her 56 dancers. Everyone danced with spirit and energy. It was rewarding to know that these students have not only learned the true worthiness of hard work but have gained the courage to take risks‹Well done, Central Ballet!

Marilyn DuBrisk, Artist-in-Residence for Tusculum College

Deliver Us! The Story of Moses presented in January 2005

All of the 65 local performers had wonderful stage presence, and it was obvious that all onstage were enjoying what they were doing‹Sparks and Central Ballet Theatre have succeeded in doing what many other regional ballet companies throughout the U.S. have been doing to increase audience size and interest in dance  creating original works that are accessible and appealing to the population‹Sparks has done a lot with such a new group of dancers by providing education and performance experience in Greeneville. I believe that through her collaborations with guests from the region, CBT will increase an appreciation of all arts, including ballet, for Greeneville and all of Northeast Tennessee.

Morgan Fleming Dancer, Arts Enthusiast & Data Coordinator for the Knoxville Symphony