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Four years ago when I was asked to be the President of the Central Ballet Theatre Board of Directors, it was easy to say yes. With a group of dedicated volunteers throughout our community, a dedicated board, and hard-working, determined students, all led by a very talented Ballet Mistress and Artistic Director who uses Christian principles everyday to guide all that she does, the answer was easy, it was yes. Central Ballet Theatre is a group of dancers, volunteers, parents and interested citizens who together under the direction of Lori Ann Sparks' vision have produced inspirational and moving original ballets every year since 2004.

CBT has built over the last ten years a reputation for excellence, attracting more and more students and larger and larger audiences, many of whom have never before seen a ballet. In 2007 Central Ballet Theatre of Greeneville was added to Tusculum College's Acts, Arts, & Academia line up, a true testament to the quality of work that is being done within the organization.


Parke Brumit, Board President

Current Board of Directors

Parke Brumit, President
Sasha Lay, Treasurer
Brian Sparks
Blair Berry,
Sara Aiken
Jeanette Duryea
Dave and Becky Johnson

Kymberly Boschee

Cindy Kricko
Mike Willis